The Krav Maga Federation holds many events outside of regular classes. These events are for students of every Federation school, allowing students from each school to train together. Some events allow lower ranked students to have access to higher ranking or specialized material (Seminars) while others are planned because the Federation functions as a large family.

Krav Maga Events

Bad ass women of the Federation demonstrate Krav Maga

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2011 Instructor Course

Instructor Course

Students of the

Insructor Course taught by

Rhon Mizrachi

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Westchester Classes

KMF Instructors teach in Westchester while Vlad is away!

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KMF Women's Video 

The second video of the KMF women training is posted to the KMF YouTube account and Face Book page!

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Krav Maga Federation BBQ

June 18th

The Krav Maga Federation schools got together for a summer BBQ

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July Instructor Course

Rhon Mizrachi teaches an instructor course to students of the

Krav Maga Federation

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Master Instructor Rhon Mizrachi head of Krav Maga Federation

July 10th

Howcast training videos of Rhon are released and posted on the KMf Face Book page

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July 21st

KMF instructors

Peter Tuznik

and Erik Somwaru

train in stick defense

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April 19th

2nd night of Passover Seder held at the

NYC school

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May 15th

Knife defense Seminar held at Eddie's KMF school

Staten Island

May 1st

Gun defense Seminar held at Kevin's KMF school

Long Island

May 11th

KMF Women's Video

Women representing different Krav Maga Federation schools trained together to demonstrate Krav Maga 

Living Social chose the Krav Maga Federation to run as a daily deal offer- we sold 430 vouchers

February 23th

Living Social

Deal of the Day

430 purchased

Women's Seminar April 10th taught by Alicia Mandelkow

April 10th

Women's Seminar taught by

Alicia Mandelkow

Saturday night Fight Night at the NYC 25th street school Shogun vs. Jon Jones

March 19th

Sat. night Fight Night

UFC 128

Alicia Mandelkow teaches a women only seminar at  the 25th street school

May 15th

Women's Seminar held at the NYC school

taught  by

Alicia Mandelkow

Rhon Mizrachi's NYC school adds a defense against weapons class, specifically designed to give lower ranking students access to material of higher belts.
February 12th
New Weapons Class
Yellow Belts & Up
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KMF NYC adds a technique class in boxing and sparring in preparation for Yellow belts to move up in rank
February 14th
New Sparring / Boxing Class - Yellow
Belts & Up
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Katrina Reynolds travels to NYC to teach a boxing Seminar at the Krav Maga flagship school in New York
March 26th
Boxing Seminar
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The Krav Maga Federation Professional Committee presides over the Brown Belt test of Erik Somwaru and David Weintraub
March 27th
Professional Committee Brown Belt Test
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February 6th
Super Bowl Party at 25th St. School
Krav Maga Federation students demonstrate knowledge of material necessary to earn the rank of Yellow Belt, the first belt in Krav Maga
February 20th
Yellow Belt Test at NYC school
Rhon Mizrachi teaches a 3 hour seminar on gun defenses to Krav Maga Federation students of all levels
February 27th
Gun Seminar
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Rhon Mizrachi teaches a KMF Instructor course to students from the Federation. This is the first step towards becoming a full Instructor
July 14-31st
Instructor Course held at NYC School
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December 12th
Womens Seminar
Part 2

December 4th
Holiday Party
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December 3rd
2nd Professional Committee Test

November 26th
Time Magazine article

November 14
Womens Seminar
Part 1

November 3rd
Kat & Utah article
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August 4-7
4 day Seminar, Rhon, Kat, Pete Muldoon and Peter Tuznik teach
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July 31st
KMF featured on Groupon - 440 sold

July 13
Brooklyn school grows too big; Pete adds more classes

June 19th
First US Professional committee test description:
::
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June 26th
First KMF Kids yellow stripe test

May 24th
Rhon attends Imi 100 celebration in Brazil
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May 23rd
Katrina teaches Gun seminar in Brooklyn

May 19th
Krav Maga Seminar for kids

May 17th
...we told you not to take the elevator

April 25th
bad ass videos added to Vimeo
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April 16th
Imi Commemoration in Israel

April 17th
Womens seminar
Part 2

April 10th
Womens seminar

March 7th
Rhon teaches Weapon disarming Seminar in Westchester

March 1st
Kids Classes begin

February 27th
Ground work seminar

February 27th
Weapon disarming seminar in LI

January 16th
Knife defense seminar