Krav Maga Federation Women's Video Part 2
Krav Maga Federation female students of various KMF schools demonstrate self-defense techniques

Krav Maga Federation : Girls that Kick Ass
Krav Maga Federation female students of various level perform numerous self-defense techniques during tests to achieve their next

rank- Rhon's Angels

Krav Maga Federation : Brazil Demonstration
Krav Maga Demonstration led by 5th Dan Master Instructor Rhon Mizrachi. This demonstration took place in Brazil in celebration of the founder Imi Lichtenfeld 's 100th birthday in May, 2010.
Krav Maga Federation NYC: Weapons Defense
Students of the KMF practice multiple Krav Maga techniques against attackers using knives, sticks and guns (Rhon Mizrachi head of KMF USA)

Krav Maga Federation NYC: Holds & Grabs
Students of the KMF train in various Krav Maga techniques with continuations against bear hugs and chokes (Peter Muldoon, Dan 3)

Krav Maga Federation NYC Rhon Mizrachi: Gun Defenses
Rhon Mizrachi, Dan 5, head of the Krav Maga Federation USA, trains in Krav Maga defenses against attackers using guns

KMF NYC Knife Defense Seminar
Head Instructor of KMF USA Rhon Mizrachi, Dan 5, teaches a seminar on knife defense, and KMF students practice defense against stick attacks during class

Green Belt test
NYC students of the Krav Maga Federation execute the proper techniques required to receive the rank of Green Belt

Krav Maga Federation, NYC
Rhon Mizrachi teaches Krav Maga techniques - students train adding multiple continuations notably Katrina Reynolds, Dan 2, of Krav Maga Salt Lake City

Krav Maga Federation (stick technique)
Rhon Mizrachi teaches a class on proper stick defense techniques, KMF NYC

Krav Maga Federation NYC
Rhon Mizrachi teaches various Krav Maga material (defense vs kicks, left-right punch) instructors Piotr Tuznik, Ed Maisonet train

Krav Maga Federation NYC
Rhon Mizrachi and students demonstrate techniques for Men's Vogue.

Rhon Mizrachi teaches an instructor Course at KMF NYC school

KMF Instructor Course 2011
Rhon Mizrachi teaches an Instructor Course to KMF students, the initial requirement in becoming an instructor for his Krav Maga Federation.

David Weintraub

KMF New York City school
Students of the Krav Maga Federation train at the 25th

street school in NYC

Haim Zut receives 6th Dan
KMF Belt Ceremonies
KMF follows the tradition of belted ranks set forth by founder Imi Lichtenfeld. Belt ceremonies are a source of pride for students and teachers (gallery includes Haim Zut & Rhon Mizrachi)

Masada Belt Ceremony 2008
During the Israel trip students received their belts atop Masada, a place of great historical importance to Israel

Israel 2008 Training
In 2008 the KMF brought 50 students to Israel for intensive training and travel. Shown here are Katrina Reynolds and Dror Bikel training for 2nd Dan.

New NYC School
Building the new 25th street school- Demolition

New NYC School
25th street school stage 1 building - Framing walls

New NYC School
25th street school stage 2 building - Sheetrock

New NYC School
While the professionals build Krav Maga Federation students clean

New NYC School
25th street school stage 3 building - Tiling and Painting